This post expands upon what it looks like to create a future and have your dreams become reality right now. We are going to dive into the first step so that you can have a better understanding of what this really looks like.

Laying the Foundation of Integrity

Integrity is the first condition required for anything to exist in reality. So what do we mean by Integrity? 

Integrity means the conditions in which something is whole, complete, and in perfect working order. For example, the walls of a castle that are still standing after 400 years are demonstrating integrity. Conversely, ruins of a fallen temple lack integrity and thereby are no longer serving their originally designed purpose. 

Giving Your Word as a Declaration

For one to cause a new result in real life, you must build that future result on top of a thick foundation of integrity. You start putting integrity into your vision by giving your word to another human being (or a group), and then rigorously honoring your word. To do this, one could draw blueprints, or write down the desired result in detail, and then share them with someone else.

Getting real now, what is your word about the future you want to cause? What future are you willing to put your butt on the line for? What word are you willing to stand by? What future are you “over-my-dead-body-am-I-going-to-fail-at?” level of committed? 

Declaring your word about the future is the foundation. It is the first layer of structural integrity, which will allow your real results to actually show up. Like in the image above, after you draw your blueprints, you must share them with your team to complete declaring your word.

For example, for me, I declare that my future is that when this shut down ends, I will have made a difference for people who are struggling and being impacted in this situation. I am giving myself over to that future, and I am willing to live for that future. I am sharing it with many people, including you. Sharing might look like a conversation over the phone, in a text message to your friends, family, children, spouse, etc.

The future you declare is your word. It is promising that “I’m willing to live for, to give my time to, and a willingness to possibly fail at this declared future.” If your declared future is so valuable that it is worth failing at, that’s a good indicator you have a keeper.

‘Giving your word’ is the step that creates the first condition of integrity. You can also see this kind of integrity is the first key component of our relationship model. >> Download Our Relationship Model Here <<

Now, declare your future. That’s right- just do it! Now! When you complete writing down and sharing your future, you are finally ready to move forward to the next step.

Step 1 is to Give Your Word About Your Future with Integrity. You have declared your word (If you haven’t yet go do it, or be forever branded a couch potato reader!). Your word now has influence on how you live your life. You take steps to remember your word. You tell people who will remind you, support you, encourage you and call you out for your new word. You clean up whenever you fail to honor your word! With Integrity, you will honor your word with rigor. That means as if your life depended on it. That level of rigor.

Ready for Step 2? Let’s Get Real

Are you ready for the next step to have a future that has your dreams come true right now? Keep a lookout for Step 2 Coming Soon! >> Step 2: Interact ONLY With What is Real (Outside of Our Heads) <<