The 6 Part Skillset Our Clients Use to Fall In Love with Their Partner …

1. The STEP-BY-STEP gameplan our clients use to finally resolve stand offs with their loved one and find loving connection again.

2. How the clients we work with can understand and communicate with the opposite sex, and actually cause healing and love instead of a fight!

3. What they’re doing to be respected and honored by their partner, without having to struggle to hold back their true thoughts and feelings.

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ATTRACT= women come TO YOU

With our system, men use their logic to call the right (compatible) women TO THEM while at the same time, driving away the wrong women! If you are SICK of the dating game, but deep down you still want to create a passionate life partnership with a woman, then this 50 minutes could change your future forever.

Single Men, Real Results

Discover the real reason why pick-up strategies DO NOT WORK … And the much simpler, more authentic methods our guys use instead.

Why no guy should ever settle … Even if he’s worried the clock is ticking, and any woman is better than no woman.

And, how they do ALL this, while staying totally authentic, honest, and true to themselves.

Setting Goals & Redefining Success

First, you define what you REALLY want with your partner. We then create a timeline with the visible, measurable results you want most and by what date you will be able to cause those in REAL LIFE.

Tools to Build Trust, Respect, and Love

With weekly individual sessions, we train you in living aligned with your personal values and beginning to understand and honor your spouse more deeply.

Be Empowered to Take Action

Each Coaching session ends with a clear, measurable assignment for you to take action that week.

See Real Results in Your Real Life

New effective actions = New, mind-blowing results. Prepare to be amazed!

Get Lifelong Results You Are Looking For

If you are ready to take your relationship to a whole new level, then we may be a good fit for you.

Thriving Results Coaching is a good fit for you if you: 

  • are ready to do what it takes to get results.
  • already practice being responsible for the ups and downs in your life.
  • are driven to grow and improve.
  • seek advice, and take actions based on their suggestions.
  • are committed to taking the time to establish new habits and healthier patterns.

Elizabeth Meservy - Thriving Results Coaching - Main Coach

What to Expect with Thriving Results Coaching?

By working with us you get to create what you really want in your relationships. Our clients report results ranging from feeling free, happy, connected, understood and at ease.

These personal results bring more sex, easy communication, and happier partners. By the end of your coaching program, you will have created a new kind of relationship where you and your partner are present to each other’s greatness along with all the measurable results you want.

1. Set Measurable Goals to Track Results

Like a football game, coaching is very time-limited, with a clear end goal that is seen and measured in reality. 

In our first session, we draw up our game plan, starting with what a BIG win looks like and a feasible end date (timeline?) to create that BIG win. We then create the half time goal, and key milestones we are looking for by the end of each quarter. Just like in sports there are specific structures that tell you if someone has won, you will be crystal clear on what measurements we will use to track your success.

2. Shifting Your Mindset & Taking New Actions

After the game plan is clear, we begin weekly coaching sessions. We train you to shift your perspective and change how you have been thinking, and empower you to build a Thriving Relationship, step by step.

Based on our relationship model, we will start by establishing the foundation of Integrity, taking ownership, and completing pain from the past.

These coaching sessions are held in a one on one video conference, where your coach will be using the screen like a whiteboard to demonstrate and train you in new distinctions to discover life. These distinctions will give you new tools to bring into your life and produce new results.

3. Practice Communication & Track Your Results

Throughout your coaching program, we will be keeping score of your new results. 

Through a variety of exercises, tools, and activities you will create new habits. You will think differently, see differently, and behave very differently. You will also feel and see things more clear about your spouse and why they do what they do. You will practice communication in a totally different way. You will see dramatic new results quickly, but we know that these are just fledgling results which will die off if not carefully sustained over time.

4. Practices Become Habits & Your Reality

At first, the new actions you are taking may feel awkward or like they are making things worse. Your coach will have your back, and will not let you hurt yourself or your relationship. Like a spotter with a gymnast, we know that you will need support to keep moving forward. particularly, when your new actions feel scary, vulnerable, or challenging.

We promise to get you all the way to the finish line, where your new patterns of behavior and thinking are comfortable and natural. Empowering you to have new breakthroughs in your relationship through these new actions bringing you new results. 

5. Keep Building New Results for Life

By the time you complete your coaching program, we promise that you will have caused real results in your REAL LIFE —results beyond what you were expecting and beyond what you had hoped for.

We will clearly see that you have won the game we defined at the outset, and then some! Our commitment to you is that you are completely equipped to maintain this new level of intimacy and connection with your spouse. Leaving you with the ability to have and keep the relationship of your dreams! 

Our Commitment to You

We are dedicated to causing extraordinary relationships in life which raise the level of happiness for individuals, couples, families, friends, and co-workers, throughout the world.

We fulfill on this commitment through our unique coaching programs that bring lasting results.

Our Core Values

Raising the Quality of Marriage for Everyone

When our clients win, their families win, their children win, and their communities win. We are committed to supporting couples in engaging in a new level of relationship, which provides a tremendously higher quality of life and happiness, as well as an experience of being connected, supported, and valued.

Permanent Results

The tools we provide our customers are easily absorbed and continue to provide happiness and connection for decades after coaching completes leaving each client with permanent results.

Happy and Deep Relationships

We assert that the deepest happiness in life arises out of relationships, and we provide a proven-effective model for couples to achieve happiness they didn’t believe was possible. Our coaching leads the industry in statistically keeping couples together long-term, while reporting being happier than ever.

Workability & Being Coachable

In order for our model, or anything else in life, to work, people must shift thinking to that which matches reality and then take new actions aligned with the desired results. We are committed to being open to feedback, and to continuously being willing to give up thinking or doing that which doesn’t produce results.

About Thriving Results Coaching

We created the magical Thriving Relationship Model in 2019 in Utah because our core value is people being connected and empowered! We believe that when families thrive, the world is proportionately blessed and uplifted. We support people creating relationships that thrive for life, not just survive!

We specialize in helping men attract high-caliber women and build relationships that thrive.

We want to interrupt the current trent of widely unhappy romantic partnerships shown by research. For example, in Utah, a low percentage of couples say they are happy in their relationships. Consequently, a very high number of marriages end in divorce. These conditions have left many with perpetual unnecessary suffering, causing unhappiness and a lower quality of life. 

We know that in order for this to shift, we must take action to help singles build healthy relationships, and already established couples to have continual access to an intimate, connected, and delightful marriages and partnerships. Our clients consistently see a never-before experienced level of happiness that lasts and lasts. 


Elizabeth Meservy has been my Life Coach for the past 9 months and I have had amazing breakthroughs in that time! I have had results in: dating, self-esteem, reliability, and money. Elizabeth doesn’t let me get away with any of my negative self-talk or false beliefs. She is a phenomenal coach and overall spectacular person.”

Marie Cooper

Elizabeth is a member of the Titan BNI Chapter. She has provided life coaching for several of the professional business owners in our chapter. They have all raved about her skills and their results. Elizabeth brings high energy with full accountability to her approach to life coaching. If you need someone to help you take your personal relationship to the next level or achieve your business stretch goals she is your best resource. Give her a call

D. Kim Hansen

Every conversation with Elizabeth makes a lasting difference in the area you’re struggling with, or the area you want to accomplish. I have been in the coaching, consulting, and healthcare industry for over 10 years and I regularly refer my clients to Elizabeth and have her run my group coaching calls which are a core part of my program with every client. If you’re up to something in life and you want to get rapid results, Elizabeth IS YOUR COACH! Period. Call her now. Get your life, beyond what you thought possible.”

Michal LaBaron

Love How Your Life & Relationship is Going. No more ‘It’s fine.’

Surviving your relationship is fine. At the same time, we know that marriages and relationships can go beyond fine, they can thrive.

We believe in supporting you to have the kind of marriage that is worth living for! One that is exciting, raises your quality of life and provides a sense of being connected and supported by your spouse. 

We are committed to using evidence-based principles that, when applied, provide reliable, measurable results, specifically that people are falling in love with their spouses and themselves and the lives they are creating together.

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