Our Thriving Relationship Model

Have you given up on finding passionate, lasting connection with a life-long partner? Are you finding yourself feeling alone, even in your marriage? Have you wondered how you can tell whether your relationship has “the stuff” required to stay strong until death? Here we unveil ALL the components required for a romantic partnership to get BETTER over time, which is what we mean by “Thriving”.

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Our Unique Relationship Model is a Blueprint to Help You Build & Have Your Relationship Thrive

We use this model through our coaching programs to help our clients discover what makes a relationship thrive.

This model opens the door to having your relationship work for you and your partner.

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Turn Your Lifelong Roommate Back into into Your Partner & Passionate Lover

“Just one [coaching session] with Elizabeth
and I knew we could finally improve
and take divorce off the table.”

– Jeff Wilson, Insurance Agent

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