That’s right. Now DURING the pandemic, economic dive, and societal shut-down! Or whatever life situation you are dealing with.

Here, I’m going to walk you through catapulting RIGHT NOW toward the future you want. We are facing challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, but we have a choice around what we do with the time we have. Let’s start by summarizing the process. 

To create results in your real life, diligently take these 4 steps:

1. Give your word about the future with Integrity. 

2. Interact ONLY with what is real (outside of your head). 

3. Take actions aligned with that future. 

4. Set up structures to keep you supported in continuing to take actions aligned with that future.

Do you want badly enough to create a new future? 

Is there an area of your life that you would love to have go differently than it has gone? Is there a relationship you want to restore? Do you have a financial goal that you are willing to work to achieve? Would you like to love your body? These are some examples of a new future, and if you said, ‘Yes!”, then you have something you can work with here!

What could a new future hold for you? (Possibilities) 

Creating a new future gives a whole new experience of life right now. That’s right. When you create a new future for yourself, with integrity, you immediately experience a higher quality of life! A new future called, “My husband and I understand and embrace the loving, clear way our partner initiates sex,” creates an immediate experience of life of peacefulness and patience that can carry one through the process of doing the work to bring to pass the new future.

This is an advanced topic, and if you feel lost or overwhelmed, you are not alone! Stay tuned as we are going to roll out a very detailed blog post on EACH of the above 4 steps to assist YOU in applying them successfully. By ‘successfully’, we mean causing stunning new results. 

If you are interested in skipping the learning curve of self-guided new-future-creation, you can get a consultation with a Thriving Results Coach here!

Please submit your comments and questions below, and keep a lookout for the next 4 blog posts that dive deeper into this 4 step process for creating a new future and have your dreams come true right now.