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We Turn Married Roommates (Back) into Passionate Lovers

If you want to build a Thriving Relationship, you have come to the right place.

A relationship coach is much like a football coach.

Intense training in the rules of the ‘game’ of a deeply connected, passionately loving relationship.

We watch you, measure your performance, run practice drills, correct your form, answer your questions, show you how to do it. Then, you take the work out home, and you practice.

We provide continuous accountability for your promises and assignments outside of coaching sessions.


When you hire a coach, you are stepping into a high-level game.

Building with a  coach requires focus, time, and hard work. 

This guided program is NOT meant for everyone! Pain can be intense when you take on facing and dealing with your own weaknesses, plus learning new skills, plus cleaning up the past.


We are NOT therapists! We do not heal wounds. You must come to the team well and whole! If you need therapy, we refer out for that. Therapists tend to be gentle and focused on problems to solve. We focus only on the future outcome you are after.

Building connection takes a game plan, practicing the plays, honing your skills, and dedication!

We have drawn the blueprint that gives you the plays and practice to have your relationship thrive.  Learn more about our Relationship Model & Blueprint >

We walk our clients through the process and provide the needed training and structure.

Our most successful clients are massively committed to their own personal wellbeing and the success of their relationship.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Understand your spouse for the first time ever.
  • Restore your female partner from being upset to feeling close and loving in 10 minutes or less.
  • Permanently resolve pain that has been present for decades. (When you did that really stupid thing 10 years ago, and your partner just can’t let it go…)
  • Feel a deep sense of closeness.
  • Experience being treated with respect from your partner.
  • Experience personal power in getting what you really need in the relationship.
  • Experience being known and valued by your partner.
  • Feel confident communicating openly and honestly with your partner
  • Experience peaceful conversations where you don’t agree.
  • Finally be able to talk about hot-button subjects calmly as adults.

What Our Clients Say


“Best money we’ve spent”

– Leticia and Kevin, run a business together, married 12 years.

“I saw clear results after only one session with Elizabeth…(including more sex!)”

– Jeff, Wealth Advisor, married 15 years.

“Our marriage is closer and better than it has ever been.”

– Tim, Business Owner, married 26 years.

“After one [session] with Elizabeth, we knew our marriage could improve and we took divorce off the table…”

Jeff, Insurance Agent, married 15 years.

“I now understand women and feel comfortable being myself in social situations.”

Jon, Student, single, formerly antisocial.

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