Maybe the NFL requires hardcore coaches to win, but could coaching work for me to win with my partner? I don’t want any more dead-end therapy!

Thriving Results Coaching is NOT Therapy, It’s About Action

  • Therapy often seeks to heal wounds and help people become well.
  • Our Coaching seeks to challenge, strengthen and push clients who are already well.

Think of a medical doctor versus a Professional athletic coach. First of all, they are totally different. The doctor is trained to identify and treat illness and injury. The coach is trained to significantly elevate performance with a hardcore regiment of work over time. 

We act as a coach rather than a doctor. For our approach to work for you, you must come to the table already performing well, taking actions, and willing to take new actions. Then we can very quickly elevate your performance beyond what you thought possible! If you only want your relationship to survive, this isn’t the place for you. If you want to be so happy with your spouse that you might have died and arrived in Heaven, we might be a match.

Our Focus is on Real Results to Move Forward

  • Some traditional therapy can be problem-focused
  • Our Coaching is visible result-focused

Relationship talk therapy may unintentionally focus on the problem. Some therapists start by finding out what is wrong? The couple talks about what is wrong. In this kind of therapy, if all goes well, the couple will achieve some understanding and forgiveness. At worst, they have opened old wounds, and are left even more hurt. Either way, they have no new path forward to a completely different future.

Our coaching focuses heavily on a new future, for example where partners are thrilled to wake up next to each other, where both of their needs are not only met but overfilled, and where they feel understood, appreciated, and deeply known. 

In coaching, we will talk about building a thriving relationship. Each week, Our clients talk about practicing new skills and thinking (measurable positive actions. Couples focus on and track new results showing up aligned with their new future.

We Establish the Rules of the Game, and What it Means to Really Win 

  • Therapy can be past focused
  • Our Coaching is future-focused

Traditional therapy can heal or help people continue to cope with wounds from the past.

Our coaching is focused on winning a specific game in the future, with a specific date by when we (coach and client) will win. (For example, by July 13, 2020, I will be able to speak to my wife about any sensitive topic and leave her at peace without losing my composure and calmness.) 

At Thriving Results Coaching, clients report their current personal stats and results. We constantly track results so we can see indicators that your relationship is on track to achieve your stated goal on time or early. Over 90% of clients who complete a coaching program achieve the results we started out to cause before the deadline. That’s a pretty hot statistic for a coach. *Fist pump!* 

We Provide the Tools & Accountability, You Do The Work, We Guarantee You Will Win 

Like an athletic coach makes players run 10 laps to warm up, we require our clients to role play, initiate uncomfortable conversations, and own the negative results they have caused. We are definitely more like a football coach than a cheerleader.

What is unique about Thriving Results Coaching is that we promise to lead our clients through the fire of awkwardness and discomfort and to the win on the other side of a deep connection and a new sense of love. As in, we guarantee you the results you want more than anything. That’s right. We guarantee you will win the championship. Period. 

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