You may be wondering,  “Will Results Coaching actually work for me? The last sports coach I had was in high school, and I’m completely out of shape. I’ve never even had a relationship coach, so I’m probably embarrassingly out of shape here, too. Am I ready to take myself on? Am I ready for a mind-blowing relationship? With today’s flood of information and helping professionals, how do I know if results coaching would be a good fit??” 

This assessment will look at 3 areas of your life that help you know if you are ready for Results Coaching. The three key areas are first, how much responsibility do you take for your life? Second, do you make room in your life for self-development? Finally, how multi-faceted is your perception of the world and other’s views?

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Rate yourself in these areas and choose the statement that best fits your current perspective. 


  • 1- I’m doing the best I can, but it’s never good enough for my partner.
  • 7- I’m willing to learn more about how I contribute to my relationship problems.
  • 1= I would often be more successful except for circumstances outside my control.
  • 7= I see myself as the source of all my experiences and my circumstances. 


  • 1= “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
  • 7=I believe in “continuous and never ending improvement.”
  • 1= I don’t have time for another goal in my life.
  • 7= I invest time in personal development.


  • 1- While I respect others opinions, what is right is right. Period.
  • 7= Every person’s view and behavior is valid for them, and what is right can vary.
  • 1= We have to deal with the world as it is. No amount of wishful thinking will change reality.
  • 7= We create our experience of the world and it’s meaning. And we can change it!

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For Self Scoring: Add up Your Results and Find Your Category Below

Definitely Ready for Results Coaching (30-42)

Any score of 30 or higher indicates you are a great fit for coaching. Congratulations, you’ve done the foundational work to build something amazing and to build it quickly. You are ready to train for the Major Leagues. 

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Mostly Ready for Results Coaching (20-29)

A score of 20-29 indicates you would likely be a good match for coaching. You are a high performer and ready to join the Minor Leagues of relationships. You will need to complete a more detailed evaluation before getting started with us. It may take you a longer coaching program to get to your dream future and win your game of a thriving relationship. You could benefit from doing more foundational work (more information to come) on yourself.

Have Some Work to Do on Myself Before I Take on Coaching (6-19)

Any score of 19 or lower indicates that If you want an incredible relationship, you have some work to do on yourself first! Or, you can just enjoy the current success you have in your current relationship, because you are probably content. We would encourage you to interview your partner to make sure they are content, too. 

Otherwise, you may be unpleasantly surprised at some point. Here is a sample interview to find out where your partner falls as far as being happy with the relationship. (Future Blog Post Coming Soon) The good news is that we all have to start somewhere. If you really want to develop yourself, contact us for some great resources we recommend to get you started.

Thriving Results Coaching Was Established to Empower You to Have Your Dream Relationship – No Kidding! 

We have a very specific approach to relationships, and we don’t let our clients get by with mediocre relationships. We believe that the quality of marriages and relationships can be extraordinary and everyone should have the opportunity to have the relationship of their dreams.  Learn more about our relationship model here >  

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