This post expands upon what it looks like to create a future and have your dreams become reality right now. We are going to dive into the second step so that you can have a better understanding of what this really looks like. You can learn more about Step 1: Giving Your Word to Your Future Here and Step 2: Interact ONLY with What is Real (Outside of Your Head) Here.    

Now, the only rule for successfully bringing to pass your golden future is—you may ONLY interact with the REALITY world. That’s right. You must keep ‘Your Experience’ acknowledged and in a box labeled, “Valuable but not THE TRUTH” so it doesn’t derail you. Your inner galaxy will rage on, but you will only acknowledge it, instead of courting and marrying it and making it your highest priority in life. 

You are now the observer of your inner world, suddenly free of thinking that your internal mechanisms demonstrate and define who you are and what you MUST DO. You don’t live there anymore, starting this moment!

What Taking Actions Looks Like in Real Life – The Difference Between Your Experience & Reality:

  1. Interacting with my inner world (Your Experience: inner dialogue, lots of talking, analyzing, judging, assessing, deciding, valuations, worries, fears, thoughts endless thoughts )

Example in dating: Silently thinking, ‘Wow, that guy is cute. I wonder if I’m in his league. Maybe he is married. I wish I could date someone as tall as him. He’s probably a loser if he’s single. All the good men are taken at my age!’

Example about my declared future: Thinking, “I should work really hard to help people! They need my help right now!” and then feeling bad and neglecting my self-care and nurturing my children.Try to assuage my guilt about my opinion that people are suffering right now by obsessing about them and feeling bad that the world isn’t right.

  1. Interacting with the world outside my head (Reality: Take Action)

Example in dating: Walk over, smile and say, “Hi.”

Example about my declared future: Writing in my calendar when to create my strategy for making a difference for others. Writing into my calendar when I will take those actions, and then honoring (DOING) all that is in my calendar (including self-care and bonding with and nurturing my children.)

If you want to “think about something” or “have a conversation with myself” put it in the calendar with a time limit. It doesn’t count as an action in ‘Reality’ for our purposes, it only counts as ‘Your Experience’. 

Back to our main point–what do actions have to do with bringing to pass the future we say we want!?! EVERYTHING. 

You simply WILL NOT create results in reality if you only interact with your inner world (Experience). At best, you will only create different inner world results (like, feeling better.) You will never impact the world outside your head, such as your bank account balance, or the frequency of your dating activities, unless you interact with REALITY. 

The most efficient way to impact the world outside your head is to refuse to interact with your inner world and ONLY interact with Reality.

I’m going to now demonstrate how to put this into action to bring to pass the future you say you want.

Earlier, my simplified future  ‘I will make a difference for people who are struggling and being impacted in this situation.’ now needs to be turned into ACTIONABLE ‘Reality’. 

How do we bridge the gap and actually turn that into results in my real life???

Define the result you want in terms of what is REAL and measurable, and write it down, and share what you will do with others (like we talked about in step 2). 

Do it NOW or Set a time to do it.

For example, the following statement is NOT in Reality:  ‘I will make a difference for people who are struggling and being impacted in this situation.’

Actionable Reality: I will create uplifting tutorials and videos for my audience that they can use immediately, and share with their friends who are also impacted in this situation. I will create at least one/week and post it on Facebook. I will be extra, extra patient with myself, my kids, and my other loved ones while we are in this strange shut-down. I will generously listen when someone wants to speak to me. I will spend more time in quiet solitude, and I will lower my expectations of all of us.

Finally, you are READY, Grasshopper! You are READY for the final and life-defining step to causing your new future in your real life!! TAKE ACTION and CONTINUE TAKING ACTIONS aligned with your word!