This post expands upon what it looks like to create a future and have your dreams become reality right now. We are going to dive into the second step so that you can have a better understanding of what this really looks like. You can learn more about Step 1: Giving Your Word to Your Future Here and Step 2: Interact ONLY with What is Real (outside of our heads) HereStep 3: Take Actions Aligned with Your Future Here

Last but not least, Step 4. Set up structures to keep you supported in continuing to take actions aligned with that future.

The first structure is to block out time to take your specific actions. Do it now, put it in your calendar! 

Next, it is simple…Take action. TAKE ACTION. TAKE ANOTHER ACTION… 

*Stop and get stuck in your head*



What Happens When I Get Stopped?

Eventually, your default will take over and you will stop taking actions. I know it may be hard to face, but this is what usually happens. The moment you notice that taking powerful actions has stopped, then look and see what structure you could put in to keep you supported taking action again.

For example, at night, maybe you can check what you didn’t do today and ask, “Are any of these things REALLY necessary?” That is a structure you can use to delete unnecessary things on your calendar. Deleting things on your calendar is an ACTION that may align with your future!

Try a New Structure

Structures that support your word can be totally individualized. If you find yourself planning to take action, but not taking it over and over, you need more support! Here are some possible other structures you could add (if needed!!) to support you.

Structure Ideas to Keep You in Action: 

  • Tell someone what actions you will take (who will hold your feet to the fire). 
  • Announce your new future with a By-WHEN date publicly. 
  • Mail your best friend a check for $100 and tell her if you don’t take X,Y, Z actions by the end of the month, she can cash it. 
  • Put an alarm in your phone. 
  • Hire a coach or therapist and explain you have tried to do something consistently and failed consistently. (Which professional depends on the situation and your needs. See blog post ‘What a results coach is NOT’)
  • Put 15 alarms in your phone with a unique ringtone to help you recognize specific tasks. 
  • Get an outsider’s perspective of what might be missing, preferably a mentor or expert
  • Plan a vacation for the day you have consistently taken X action 30 days in a row. 
  • Set up an auto-transfer from your bank to your wife, and she pays you back each time you take the new action.
  • Hire a coach and do a program to resolve long-standing behaviors that don’t work.
  • Buy yourself something on your wishlist each time you do ‘that action’ for 4 consecutive Thursdays.
  • Buy your wife something on her wishlist each time you fail to keep your promise to her to do ‘that action.

The possibilities are endless. If you get stuck, you can brainstorm with a loved one for a plethora of more good ideas. Many professionals offer free consultations as well. 

Creating a New Future & Having it Be Your Reality Takes 4 Steps

If you do these 4 steps, you will bring new results to your life, and fulfill the future you have created. If you continue doing them, you will continue to move forward in causing your dreams to be your reality.

  1. Declare your word about the future with Integrity. 
  2. Distinguish what is real and Interact ONLY with what is real (outside of your head). 
  3. Take actions aligned with your declared future. 
  4. Set up structures to keep you supported in continuing to take actions aligned with that future.

Please let us know what you are able to breakthrough in your own lives with this process!

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