This post expands upon what it looks like to create a future and have your dreams become reality right now. We are going to dive into the second step so that you can have a better understanding of what this really looks like. You can learn more about step 1 – Giving Your Word to Your Future Here. 

Step 2: Interact ONLY with What is Real, (Outside of Your Head) AKA Take Real Actions

If you think this seems blatantly obvious, 1. You’re right! And 2. Stop dismissing this and read it as if your life depends on it! 

The Magic of Building New Results is Outside Your Head

This step requires some intellectual effort. In order to cause breakthrough, breathtaking results that we’ve never had before, we must be willing to give up the inborn sense we have that our perception is ‘THE TRUTH’, meaning the one, incontrovertible, true version of what is or has been.

To get started on interacting ONLY with what is Real, you must make the effort to separate your perception (Your experience) from what is so (Reality). For the purposes of this discussion, there are 2 “worlds”;the world inside your head –“Your Experience”, and the world outside your head– “Reality”. (This is NOT intended to be an absolute definition of “Reality”, but rather just a name we have arbitrarily assigned to all that exists outside of your head.)

For you to get your future dreams into your life the fastest way possible,–it’s crucial to separate ‘Your Experience’ from ‘Reality’.

Let’s Talk About Your Experience 

First of all, it is real and valid. For example, there are 4000 times as many neuronal connections (1000 Trillion) in your brain and body than stars in our galaxy (250 Billion approx.). 

There is A LOT going on in the world inside your head. You truly live in your own galaxy. 😉 That makes your experience real, even physiologically real. Secondly, if your perception has any validity AT ALL then you must concede that some other human beings’ experiences must have some validity. Therefore, you can logically see that your view cannot be the one and only ‘truth’ no matter how truthful your view is! 

Now let’s talk about the world outside your head, which we are calling, “Reality.” 

There is some stuff outside of your head, and there is some stuff happening outside of your head. People are outside of your head. Some of that stuff, you have perceptions about. Some of it, you are oblivious to. All that ‘stuff’ would be what I mean by, “Reality.” If it exists independently of your awareness, your interpretation of it, your judgment or your description, then it passes our test of what is real. If something exists outside of you thinking about it, we are calling that “Reality”. 

It’s pretty simple. Inside your head, ‘Your Experience’ is happening (neurons are firing), and outside your head, ‘Reality’ is happening.

Now, the magic happens after you separate Reality from Your Experience and then interact ONLY with ‘Reality’, which basically requires ACTION. 

Let’s Practice Being in Reality 

Go ahead and try this view on. Now. (Pause reading if needed.) Take your declared future, and separate ‘Your Experience’ from ‘Reality’ about what you say you want in your life. 

For example, I say that I want to make a difference for people who are struggling and being impacted in this situation (COVID-19). 

My ‘Experience’ says that: 

  • It is bad that people are struggling, unhappy, feeling sad, losing their sense of financial stability. 
  • It is good that certain tools I have to shift perspective could raise the quality of their lives and their experience of happiness
  • I should get these tools into the hands and minds of these people.

This is my perception. It is NOT the Truth. It includes judgments that are just from me, directed at me and at others. 

In ‘Reality’, all that exists outside of my head is: 

  • There are people.
  • People have feelings.
  • I have heard some of those feelings expressed by people on Facebook and in person.
  • I have had and still have varying feelings. 
  • I have experience providing tools to clients, and many clients say afterwards their quality of life dramatically increased. 
  • I have a desire to help people even more than normal right now(Since the Shut down from COVID-19).

This is what is so.! That is Reality.

Do this for yourself. Separate what is inside your head from what is outside your head. When that is complete (and NOT before), read on.

Notice that ALL the suffering and drama live in the ‘Experience’ list. Just notice. Notice that what is so is simply so. There is no morality about it in the ‘Reality’ outside of your judgment. In ‘Reality’ outside of my thoughts, isn’t right or wrong that hundreds of thousands of people have died of COVID-19. It is simply so. This freedom provides for us to now impact the world and contribute to people in a way that aligns with our values. Until you give up ‘being right’ that your view is the one true view, you cannot see what is so. 

Your view, if it is the one true view, will always be biased and you will be wasting time and energy trying to fix something that doesn’t even exist outside of your own thoughts! Your view of the people you love is particularly problematic! Imagine if you could see your spouse and their views that you disagree with WITHOUT any judgment or drama. They have valid views, and you have valid views. That is just what is so. What if you gave up your view that he or she is selfish, weak, or oblivious. What if you gave up everything you have invented in YOUR brain about your children and parents? 

Now, the magic of this work is that you are now equipped to ONLY interact with ‘Reality’! If you got the power behind this access, you would shout for joy right now! You can treat the world inside your head as an unhelpful neighbor; you acknowledge their presence but pay them little heed. That’s right. 

  1. Acknowledge your thoughts, experience, feelings, judgments, valuations, etc
  2. Set them aside. 
  3. Interact with ‘Reality’  

To access the most power possible, first acknowledge your inner world and thoughts (as yours!) For example, ‘Oh, look. I’m judging my wife that she is selfish again.’ Then set aside that whole world under the assumption that you don’t have all the information. For example, ‘I’m sure there is more to her experience of life than I realize. She probably has a good reason for doing that. I wonder what it is.’ Then, interact with ‘Reality’! For example, say something to your wife, “Hey, Babe, I don’t understand why I keep seeing charges to the credit card that you agreed we would talk about before spending. Can we talk so you can help me understand? I feel worried and stressed when I see information first from my card statement instead of my life partner.”

Practice that process after distinguishing ‘Reality’ from your ‘Experience.’ We want to hear your questions and breakthroughs in the comments, and we’ll be back soon with Step 3: Take Actions that Align with the Future You Created.